Lake Keowee - Seneca, South Carolina~ My Home Sweet Home...

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Dean at Boat Dock

Our Boat Dock

Neighbors at Keowee

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Dean & Jack Flash

Our Canal

Keowee Lake

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Boat Dock  Area

Lake Keowee (Kiwi)

From our Dock

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May 2004

Front Yard Retreat

Looking toward the Sail Club

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Early May Garden

Under the Dogwoods

Herb Gardens 

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June 11, 2004..Sugar Snaps

Garden View


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Herb Garden


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Home Sweet Home

1623 Keowee Lakeshore Dr.

Backyard Patio

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Patio & Spa

Backyard Retreat

Garden Gate

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looking toward sunroom

Lake keowee

Carolinas' Upstate