Zone 7

Warm Summer - Humid Continental

Monthly Averages for Seneca, SC (29672)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperature (F) High   Low  
Minimum Period of Record: 30 years
Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low
Jan 52F 30F 41F 5.59 in. 80F (1949) -5F (1940)
Feb 57F 32F 45F 4.84 in. 82F (1930) 1F (1958)
Mar 64F 39F 52F 5.81 in. 89F (1995) 4F (1980)
Apr 73F 47F 60F 3.91 in. 92F (1980) 24F (1971)
May 80F 56F 68F 4.36 in. 100F (1941) 32F (1989)
Jun 87F 64F 75F 3.70 in. 105F (1952) 42F (1984)
Jul 91F 68F 79F 4.24 in. 105F (1952) 49F (1933)
Aug 89F 67F 78F 4.66 in. 104F (1983) 53F (1931)
Sep 83F 61F 72F 4.09 in. 102F (1954) 34F (1967)
Oct 74F 48F 61F 4.01 in. 98F (1954) 23F (1954)
Nov 64F 40F 52F 4.22 in. 86F (1931) 10F (1950)
Dec 55F 32F 44F 4.58 in. 81F (1955) 2F (1962)




Moody Gardens

Before planting this spring, think of what emotions and feelings you want the garden to project. While this may sound a bit New Age, colors in the garden can impact our feelings. Want to create a retreat where one can relax and unwind after a busy day? Use the cool shades of blue, delicate pinks, rose and lilac or creamy white. Need a jolt in the morning to get you moving? Try hot colors like bright orange, vivid reds and radiant yellows and purples to cheer you up and get you started for a great day.

How late can you plant in Zone 7

As long as the plants are fully hardy for your zone and your soil is not frozen, you can plant at ANY time during the winter months. While it doesn't get quite as cold in winter as zone 8, I have still installed a complete landscape in mid-December, just hours before the temps plummeted to the teens and stayed there for a week. Never lost a plant.

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