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Gardening Software  
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Gardening Software
Gardening Software
Gardening Software

Anyone who enjoys working in a garden, be it flower or vegetable, knows that 

wonderful sense of peace, accomplishment and restoration 
that comes from their labors.  This page is for them...


 What a joy to work so closely with Nature....
the smell of the earth, the delicacy of a petal, the interplay 
of bees and butterflies, that special feeling of oneness
that is too often overlooked.  By clicking on the flora links below...
I hope to share with you some sites that you might enjoy and find informative.


Garden of Eatin... sakura




Design    How to Start a Vegetable Garden

A comprehensive gardening guide


Click on the individual flower graphics below for an outstanding 
site on
Landscaping, Lawn & Garden Products


Click our Frog to Visit Our Orchid Page 



Good for the body, good for the soul, gardening is the United States’ most popular outdoor leisure activity...

All About Herbs
Recipes and More...

~ growing, preparing, harvesting, cooking and medicinal use ~



Butterfly Gardening

Planning a Butterfly Garden
You need only a small garden bed to create an inviting oasis for butterflies. Both butterflies and plants like sun so plan your garden with a southern exposure or in a site that gets at least six hours of sun each day. A site sheltered from the wind by trees, shrubs, or a building will prevent tall plants from blowing over, and allow your butterflies to feed, mate, and lay eggs in relative tranquility.

Flowers & Herbs To Attract Butterflies

Nectar Flowers
Nectar flowers provide a source of food for adult butterflies. Butterflies are attracted to brightly colored, sweet-smelling flowers that allow them easy access. Composite daisy-like flowers are favorites. Some of the preferred, easy-to-grow nectar plants are: aster, black-eyed Susan, butterfly bush, butterfly weed, cosmos, goldenrod, lantana, lavender, liatris, marigold, purple coneflower, and zinnia. Butterflies are attracted to masses of color and fragrance, so try to plant groups of flowers instead of single plants. If space is limited, however, even window boxes can catch butterflies' attention.



gloxinia Plant World

Incredible international sites and can even choose the language in 
which you wish to view them....definitely worth your time!

"Imagine being able to take a stroll through some of the world's most beautiful 
gardens. . . 
or designing your own outdoor living space with just the right combination of accessories, furniture and landscaping to reflect your moods and interests . . . or
learning about new gardening techniques and sharing ideas with master gardeners from all over the world. Now, imagine you can do all this with just a click of your
computer mouse. Stop imagining, because these are just a few of the delights contained when you enter the secret realm of Plant World."

CameliaWater Gardens

Click on the frog to visit our Orchid page!


                 Organic Gardeningmonarch


azaleaPlanting Seeds


Garden Merchants

...has tips, tricks and tools for

all sorts of gardening....both domestic and foreign.




rose2A rose is a rose is a rose....

Here are some fantastic links that will sweep you across a galaxy 
of the rose universe...everything from secret gardens, to rose societies 
(including the American Rose Society),

to frequently asked questions, jungle roses, old fashioned roses....
even rose recipes!!!

A veritable feast for the senses !!!!



Internet gardening:

"Will the day soon come when a computer sits in the garden shed 
beside the spade, hoe, and tiller? Gardening is often a solitary 
pleasure, enhanced at times by back fence conversations with 
our neighbors. Some gardeners are using the Internet to extend their
conversations and share their knowledge and their gardening pleasures.
Some pages from individuals will be listed here from time to time." 
....along with magazines, discussion groups, community services 
and reference materials!



growing tomatoes....marigolds.... and much more? 

Need information on slugs and snails....



Everything you wanted to know about bulbs
.....and then some !






Gardening Software Gardening Software

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