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Spirit of St.Louis Air & Space Museum Awakenings 

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Einstein Sculpture Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Changing of the Guard

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Supreme Court Capitol Building Oct. 2002 Capitol

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dean and FDR.jpg (31674 bytes)
FDR Monument FDR I Have Seen War FDR Memorial

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FireBoat Chicago.jpg (20855 bytes)
Lincoln Monument Chicago Skyline Oct. 2002 Chicago Fire Boat

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Neptune.jpg (32092 bytes)
Deano at Gaylords, Grande Ole Oprey image.jpg (42916 bytes)
Winslow AZ Power Plant Neptune at Treasure Island Deano at Gaylords, Nashville April 2003
Deano, Gaylords' image.jpg (51054 bytes) Gaylords 2 image.jpg (44978 bytes) Gaylords, Grande Ole Oprey image.jpg (48992 bytes)
A Room with a View, Gaylordss WaterFalls at Gaylords Gaylords, Nashville April 2003
Linda at Churchhill Downs image.jpg (28118 bytes) bourbon st mural Image.jpg (50558 bytes) new orleans cemetary Image.jpg (27419 bytes)
Linda at Churchill Downs...
April 2003
Party too Hard
in New Orleans
After the Party
New Orleans French Quarter Image.jpg (51129 bytes) New Orleans Image.jpg (44955 bytes) Mural Bourbon Street.jpg (24047 bytes)
Bourbon Street Bourbon Street March 2003 Mural on Bourbon Street